About Us

3dShop: A team that loves to create

3dShop are a small team that came together with a common interest. 3d printing. As the interest grew they found themselves supporting the FLsun community forums with their technical knowledge, experience and solutions. Very quickly this grew in to distributing parts to support the brand.

In order to further assist this we decided to set up our our 3d print website and shop. Almost every item we stock is original manufacturer origin, to ensure quality and compatibility.

The majority of FDM (for domestic market) 3D printers are built in China and anyone in the UK will know that even reading the supplied manual can be a challenge, let alone trying to call for tech support.

The biggest issue users have with these brands is ordering parts in a timely manner. We therefore elected to hold a large stock of all the common parts, and a few uncommon ones, to be able to supply them to the UK market in just a few days, instead of the typical 3 weeks if ordering from China. This also assures you there are no further import charges to pay, as we have already dealt with the import process.

We also hold a stock of new and partially used printers. So whether you are looking for your first printer, or an extra one to add to your collection, we probably have a printer in stock to suit you.

All our partially used  printers are checked by us before despatch to you.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

Welcome to 3dShop. FLsun representatives for the UK and EU.

3dShop have been supplying and refurbishing FLsun printers since 2020 and are currently the only stockists worldwide of every part that FLsun use in their printers. Whether you need a new hotend or effecter, or just a nozzle or even a tiny screw from some deep place inside, then we almost always have it in stock. Check out our online shop from the menu above. If you can’t find it, drop us an email and ask!

Who are we:

We are a group of enthusiasts that enjoyed the FLsun brand. But we found obtaining parts to repair or upgrade the printers was incredibly difficult without relying on delivery from China. So we decided to create a support website, and started buying in spare parts for users. We now have over £30,000 of parts in stock, in the UK, for fast delivery. We are also establishing our EU warehouse, and stocks are rapidly building there too. For those based in the USA, we ship there too. If you want to order within the EU, we recommend going to our sister website at https://3dWorld.Store

Services we offer:

We wanted to specialise in FLsun. No other brand. But we also want to offer all aspects of service of the brand. So we offer printers, new and refurbished, as well as all the parts you can think of for all their printers. If you can’t see it on the website, just ask. We probably have it! We also offer printer repairs for a fixed fee, and with discounted parts.

Need help:

Please go to our new Facebook page and ask for help there. There are not so many users yet…. but it will build. In the meantime, we will be trying to offer daily support through the facebook forum ourselves. https://www.facebook.com/groups/flsun3dhelp