FLsun V400 firmware

FLsun V400 firmware

Be sure to use the latest firmware for your printer type.

FLsun V400

Download the required firmware. Get an SD imager – we recommend the Raspberry Pi Imager since the Speeder is based on Pi hardware – but others, like Etcher, will also work. Load up the imager and select the downloaded file as CHOOSE OS and the card as  CHOOSE STORAGE and then click WRITE – be patient, it takes a while.

When it is complete, turn off the printer, insert the SD card in the slot on to top of the Speeder (it goes with the contacts toward the front – and be careful you don’t slide it inside the unit) – then power on the printer. You will get a loading bar which will take about 20 mins – when this is compete (bar is full) it should reboot – if not, restart it and your new firmware will be ready to use.

This is the latest update for 2023, it fixes the time-zone problem and a few other updates in the system – but if you discover problems you can roll back to version 1.1 below.


This is the version which shipped on new printers until now – the newer version, above, should work in general but if you experience problems then this is the way to go back to where you were…