FLsun Q5 models

Printable Accessories

These models allow you to print additional accessories for your new printer. This is a great way to start since they are quite small and will allow you to experiment with the temperatures, print speeds etc. When you’re done you will have enhanced your printer and gained valuable experience in the process. These are STL files to be loaded into the slicing software. Click each image to download the individual file or get all of the files in a compressed (ZIP) file from the button below.

Motor Belt Cover

Limit Switch Bracket

Guide Tube

Knurling Bolt

Knurling Nut


Phone Holder


Pre Sliced GCODE Files

For those who just want to test their new printer without having to learn the slicing process etc here are 3 pre-sliced GCODE files. GCode is the final coding used by the printer – it contains specific instructions for each printer to tell it how to move the head, how much filament to extrude etc. These have been pre-sliced for the Q5 model (Note – gcode is specific to model so DO NOT try to use these on a QQ-S or SR printer) . Click the images to download separately or grab all 3 as a compressed (ZIP) file from the button below.

Knurling Nut And Bolt GCODE (Q5)

Elephant GCODE (Q5)