Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common enquiries we get. We’ve also included a few which are less common but we thought you might find them useful anyway.

If there is a question you feel should be included here please feel free to e-mail us at and we’ll update the page.

  • Q: How long does it take, from my order being placed, for my goods to be dispatched ?

  • A: Under normal conditions we will package and dispatch orders on the day following the order – there can be times where external (and, rarely, internal) factors can delay this process but we aim to get everything on its way as soon as is possible. All of our orders are hand delivered into the postal systems to ensure we know they have been correctly accepted and processed.
  • Q: Do you keep proof of posting for orders ?

  • A: Typically no. We try to eliminate needless use of paper so, wherever the option is available, we will request ‘no receipt’. If you have ordered a tracked item then the tracking link will be added to your order (or you can email or WhatsApp us for the details) and this will show as soon as it is accepted into the system. For certain other, non-tracked, packages it is now possible to get proof from the Royal Mail App but this does not include ‘large letter’ items which accounts for a lot of our postage.
  • Q: For international orders, what other factors need to be considered ?

  • A: The major difference is the interaction of customs. This varies wildly by country and ranges from delays to ‘import duties’. We do not attempt to pre-pay any import charges so, if you have concerns on an order, we suggest you contact your local customs authority for clarification. As a note, it does seem that ‘tracked’ orders go through easier and this option also allows you to confirm that your goods are being held somewhere so we recommend tracking as the best option.
    Please also note – it is not currently possible to post to the Republic Of Ireland – this is due to a problem between postal systems and is beyond our control – it is fully explained at this page –,-but-it-has-been-r
  • Q: Can I speak to someone if I have questions ?

  • A: Yes – the best solution is WhatsApp (tel uk 07956 233166) since it may not always be possible to answer a call at a given time – but if you want to talk on the phone then send a WhatsApp requesting that and we’ll indicate when its ok to call, or call you back.
  • Q: What is your environmental impact ?

    • A: We try to keep it to an absolute minimum. All of our smaller orders are shipped in recyclable (and easily separated) bubble wrap envelopes – where this isn’t possible we try to minimise the packaging size as best we can. We have now added the option to have your order shipped with ‘no paperwork’ (this is on the top of the checkout page as ‘please help me save paper by not sending an invoice/packing note’) – we will e-mail it to you if you really want to print it.