V400 – 600mm/s Firmware Upgrade

A new Firmware Upgrade (V1.4) has been released for the V400 printer by FLSun. This is a major upgrade and supplies the following enhancements :-

1. Increased maximum printing speed to ⚡️600 mm/s and maximum acceleration to 10,000 mm/s.
2. Reduction of the system interface moonraker update button.
3. Optimize the resonance compensation function to simplify the use of the Adxl345 (no need to change parameters manually, plug and play).
4. Optimize Wifi keyboard and console keyboard.
5. Simplify the levelling process.
6. Repair the printing process, the temperature interface hotbed is not selected by default.
7. Change the default value of PLA filament temperature to 220℃, 60℃; the default value of FLEX filament temperature to 210℃, 60℃.
8. Change the pause position of the effector when printing is paused, and the y value of the point is changed to -90mm.
9. Change the default shutdown of the ordinary fan when pad shutdown.
10. Add a button to restore the factory settings in the settings interface.
11. Add the button to set the time zone in the setting interface.
12. Add multiple language packs: cs, jp, ko, pt, sv, tr.
13. Add auto-calibrate time zone function, the pad will restart and update the time zone automatically after networking.
14. Add command to clear pause in KlipperScreen.
15. Add default slicing parameters for ABS, ASA, TPU, and other filaments for your convenience and use.
[NOTE] – if you have not yet obtained the ADXL 345 Accelerometer module for the V400 it will probably become essential to utilise these higher speeds – details are HERE
The file and installation instructions are here for you to download – please mail us at sales@3dshop.uk if you experience any problems.
The V1.4 Image File is at FLSUN-V400V14FirmwareImage
The RaspberryPi Imager is at RaspberryPiImager
Results of our own installation and test are here – Tests
The rest of the instructions are….

Flash V400 Pad Imager

1.Note: Flashing the imager will reset all configurations and lose all data on your pad so ensure you have copies of anything you may want to keep.


a)A TF card of at least 32 GB is required.

b)A TF card reader.

c)A PC,system is Windows、MacOS or Ubuntu for x86.


a)Download V1.4 image from above link.

b)Download and install Raspberry Pi imager from above link

c)Insert the TF card into the PC and double click the downloaded IMG.XZ file to open the imager.


d)Select your TF card as Storage.

e)Then click Write.

f)Once the image is written, turn off Speeder Pad if it is on and remove all devices plugged into the USB ports.

g)Insert TF card in Speeder Pad. image

h)Turn it on – A loading bar should appear: image

i)And wait until the bar is fully charged and green, this may take several minutes (10/15 minutes): image

j)When it’s done, turn off Speeder Pad and remove the TF card.

k)Turn Speeder Pad back on, it should start normally and arrive on KlipperScreen Splash Screen.

That’s the update done.