Updating Speeder Pad internal Firmware

This is the latest update to the Speeder Pad internal firmware – it addresses the inability to set the time zone and a number of other issues. Its a simple install – firstly download the new image from THIS LINK – then unzip the file – you should end up with a .img file in the region of 15GB.

Now you need Raspberry Pi Imager – if you don’t already have it you can download it from here: https://www.raspberrypi.com/software/
Install it and then

  • Launch Raspberry Pi Imager:


  • Select SPEEDERPADPADV12V2_TFCARD-230303.IMG image file as Operating System by selecting Use custom. This is from wherever you saved the unzipped file.

  • Select your microSD card as Storage.

  • Then click Write.

  • Once the image is written, turn off Speeder Pad if is on and remove all devices plugged into the USB ports.

  • Insert microSD card in Speeder Pad and turn on it.

  • A loading bar should appear:


  • And wait until the bar is fully charged and green, this may take several minutes (10/15 minutes):


  • When it’s done, turn off Speeder Pad and remove the microSD card.

  • Turn Speeder Pad back on, it should start normally and arrive on KlipperScreen splashscreen.

  • Go to Menu –> Network and connect it to your WiFi network.

  • You can now connect to SSH with this login:

  user: pi
  password: flsun


If you have a V400 this should now work correctly – the other models require a bit more work on both the printer and the Speeder Pad so there are other articles covering that – happy printing !!