Reinstalling the firmware/OS on a Speeder Pad

The Speeder Pad is a fabulous device but, as with many ‘cutting edge tech’ devices it can produce some problems straight out of the box. If you have a V400 printer it probably works fine at the start but the moment you do all the updates that you, no doubt, want to have on your new toy it can top responding altogether – it reaches the loading section with the six swirling parallel arms and just freezes. Unfortunately FLSun decided to remove ‘root access’ on this unit so just updating to a newer firmware version is difficult (and in fact no newer file is available from FLSun because of this restriction).

We are sure you don’t want to start shipping your Speeder Pad back to China to have them do the fix for you so we’ve spent quite a bit of time with a Speeder Pad in bits and trying various mixes of solution from the internet. This section of the website is dedicated to ironing out the problems you may encounter – remember this unit is absolutely cutting edge so some of these problems are only just being discovered and, being linux based, some of the new problems and also solutions are the result of other fixes etc being applied.

We have tried, in these pages, to present the simpest way to get your unit doing what you want – if you want to delve deeper we are working on a more advanced version – but feel free to get in touch if you have a tech request – bear in mind, though, that it can sometimes take a while to get back to you because we are only really a part time company and have regular jobs and responsibilities we have to attend to as well.

We also need to mention that the steps we are going to describe here will invalidate your FLSun warranty – they won’t stop us though, at, from helping you through any known difficulties.

The first thing you need to do is enable root access on the device – its pointless trying to fix a problem if you can’t get access to anything. There is a fabulous article on how to do this and many, many other things at THIS PAGE – credit to Cyril Guislain (Guilouz) for putting this in the public domain.

BUT – its a very long read and is specifically aimed at the V400 but the Speeder Pad can be used with any of the FLSun range of printers so we’ve assembled some pages in this section to guide other users throughhow to get it up and running.

This is the section you should follow to get the pad to respond and allow proper access…

Restore OS Image File

By default, Root access is not allowed on Speeder Pad. To enable it, follow these instructions to restore OS image file:

Note: A microSD card of at least 32 GB is required.


  • Select Speeder_Pad_V1.1_Restoration-221019.xz image file as Operating System by selecting Use custom.

  • Select your microSD card as Storage.

  • Then click Write.

  • Once the image is written, turn off Speeder Pad if is on and remove all devices plugged into the USB ports.

  • Insert microSD card in Speeder Pad and turn on it.

  • A loading bar should appear:


  • And wait until the bar is fully charged and green, this may take several minutes (10/15 minutes):


  • When it’s done, turn off Speeder Pad and remove the microSD card.

  • Turn Speeder Pad back on, it should start normally and arrive on KlipperScreen splashscreen.

  • Go to Menu –> Network and connect it to your WiFi network.

  • You can now connect to SSH with this login:

  user: pi
  password: flsun


If you have a V400 this should now work correctly – the other models require a bit more work on both the printer and the Speeder Pad so there are other articles covering that – happy printing !!