V400 600mm/s Upgrade Testing – and why the ADXL345 is important.

This is a completely stock V400 – the only addition has been the ADXL345 module (the improvement from using this is already massive even without the speed upgrade). It was fully recalibrated before updating the firmware – so bed level-calibrate, bed level-bed mesh and Z0 config with a sheet of paper, config – input shaper and auto calibrate with a manual SAVE_CONFIG on the mainsail console and then a test print – smoothness due to the input shaper was obvious.

Then the new image was written to the SD card using Raspberry Pi Imager, inserted into a fully disconnected Speeder Pad and left to update (took about 20 mins). Finally all the calibration was done again but its easier with the new firmware. Bed Level now does both phases in one go and leaves you with a screen to set Z0. Then goto Config – Input Shaper – there is now an Auto Calibrate button – there is no need to comment out parts of the cfg files or do the SAVE-CONFIG – this is all now done for you.

The Cura Profiles were updated by following the  details in THIS file and a new V400 added to Cura (this is V400 #2 on my system and has 600mm/s as the max speed.

This file was chosen because it has some long flat sections allowing the head to build speed – speeds of up to 600 were noted – particularly in large travel sections. The final print, at max speed, is excellent.