FLsun QQs (Pro) videos

Video Section (FLSUN QQ-S Pro)

These videos explain many aspects of using your printer and the software involved. These are produced by the manufacturer and, while they have English subtitles, they show much of the screenshots in Chinese. We are working on re-recording these in English – watch this space …

Updating Firmware

How to Use Cura Slicing Software

Auto Levelling (QQ-S) Printers

Manual Levelling

Changing Filament (QQ-S Pro)

Clearing the nozzle (QQ-S)

Changing the nozzle (QQ-S)

Loading filament from scratch (QQ-S)

Change temperature sensor or heater

Print online

Install the driver

First time usage (QQ-S)

Changing the belts

Adjust First Layer

How to adjust the belts. But this video isn’t really addressing the key points, so use it in harmony with other information.