FLsun SR videos

FL Sun SR (Super Racer) Introductory Video

SR Assembly

SR Automatic Levelling

SR How to install PTFE tube

SR Online Printing

SR Getting the first layer right!

SR Solving spots on the print

SR at 150 Percent Possible With A FewTweaks

SR at Various Speeds 1

SR at Various Speeds 2

SR at Various Speeds 3

SR at Various Speeds 4

SR at Various Speeds 5

SR at Various Speeds 6

FL Sun SR (Super Racer)

The SR (SuperRacer) is a High Speed Delta Printer.

  • The design philosophy of the SR is High Speed printing, with no loss of quality. The SR will work at up to 300mm/s
  • It features linear guide rails for smoother movement and 10mm belts to avoid stretching at speed
  • It will be 260 x 260 x 300 mm build size
  • Fitted with an SKR 1.3 and 2209 drivers, out of the box

With a final, boxed weight of 16kg, this unit is around 3.5kg heavier than the QQ-S Pro

You can order today and expect to be one of the first in the UK to take delivery.

Delivery costs are Free if delivery is from May 28th, or you can have it expressed delivered by Air fright for an additional £50. Only the first 500 units worldwide will be sent me Air, so be quick to order. The Air Freight offer ends on April 11th, ready for a 28th April delivery. FLsun have put all their remaining units on a slow boat from China to keep the costs low and the main availability from June 1st 2021

*There may be minor changes to the specification or look of the machine upon final delivery, however the release is now expected to be final and units are already shipping.