FLsun Nozzle Spanner


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Changing your nozzle is NOT fun without the right tool.

This is an FLsun original MK8 nozzle spanner.  It is not exciting or pretty, but they make nozzle changes a doddle. Don’t forget to heat up your nozzle before changing it…just don’t leave the tool in place for too long or the heat will gradually climb up the arm of the tool.

Be careful to not over-tighten your nozzles with your new-found leverage – brass can only withstand so much force before it’ll break off in your hot end and cause you misery!

This nozzle is for the MK8 nozzle, as found in QQs and Q5 printers. It will not fit the SR or V400.


  • Nozzle wrench
  • 6mm nozzle
  • Approx. 100mm long

You will receive one nozzle spanner.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 1 cm