V400 Acrylic Enclosure


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Enclose your V400 printer and open up more possibilities for your craft…

  • Use a wider range of filaments
  • Constant temperature for more accuracy with advanced materials
  • Quieter printing environment
  • Keeps any gasses enclosed for venting at your convenience
  • Translucent black acrylic – stunning visually

These are here in the UK now and ready for immediate dispatch.

While PLA will usually behave under lots of conditions you will find (and maybe you have found out already) that materials like PETG and ABS are more fussy about temperature. You probably won’t notice small draughts (as minor as maybe a door opening/closing) but these filaments will. An enclosed printer provides a stable chamber for your machine to operate in.

It also enables a safer environment for using some of the more advanced filaments because it protects people close by from ejections of hot plastic and also keeps any gasses released enclosed so you can arrange appropriate venting.

This unit is designed for quick fitting, easy cleaning and maintenance – and an overall executive look to your printer.

Additional information

Weight 13000 g
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 21 cm