FLsun Kevlar Belts for QQ-S


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Replacement belts, original FLsun

A set of 3 belts all cut to the correct length for the QQ-S  PLEASE NOTE – for the present we are only able to send as a single 5m belt. If this is OK please continue

They are the newest Kevlar type, being supplied with the latest FLsun printers, so are less prone to stretching.

x3 @ 1486mm each, precut


To assist you with fitting your new belts, we recommend this procedure.

With your QQS fully assembled, on the desk in front of you:

  1. Fit one belt at a time. Do not try to do all three together
  2. You need one Philips (cross) screwdriver, one small flat screwdriver, one stapler and some patience
  3. Move the head so it is resting on the bed. Some cardboard beneath the bed is a good idea, to avoid scratching
  4. Undo the knurl screw at the top, holding the belt you are about to do
  5. Undo the four screws retaining the cover, on the arm, where the belts meet
  6. Pull the belts each side of where they are retained until the clip allows them to pull out. Don’t be afraid to exert too much force
  7. Don’t lose the retainer!!!
  8. Slide the top pulley off of the belt and set aside
  9. Slowly pull the longer side of the belt until just 20cm remains on the other side
  10. Get your paper stapler ready
  11. Unroll one of the new belts and place one end on the stapler, next to the old belt end (the 20cm tailend). Staple them together. The hole will not affect the use of the new belt!
  12. Now SLOWLY pull the old belt out, pulling the new belt through. If all goes well, now the new belt is on your unit, not the old one.
  13. If steps 11 & 12 go wrong, you will need to place your unit on its side, remove the bottom cover, remove the plastic cover on the motor you are working on (just pull. It is tight, and has some glue on it). Now fir the new belt, and then replace the cover.
  14. Now put the upper pulley back on. The bolt head should face out, with the nut facing inwards
  15. Now out the two ends back in to the slot, with the retainer clip. We find putting the belt just a mm or two ahead of the clip works well. There is an odd number of teath, so the belt join is slightly offset. It matters not.
  16. Now refit the belt to the top of the unit, with the knurl screw, making sure the other half of the belt goes in to the slot on the arm
  17. Finally, put the cover back on and tighten the four retainer screws
  18. Well, we said finally, but actually the final step is to set the belt tension. It is less than you think!!!!! That is why you are having to change them, probably.
  19. Now repeat for the other two arms.

Given how easy it is for them to be damaged, we recommend keeping a spare set of belts ready for the next time it occurs. Belts are disposable items and must ALWAYS be changed in sets, not just the damaged corner.

You can recognise when a belt is stretched as the parts you print will lean to one side. On the QQS, they lean towards the stretched belt.

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