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This particular sale is rated as Grade ‘A2’ renewed printer*.
There are some light marks on the Print bed but you would struggle to see any evidence of prior use. The quality is excellent. It has all of the original accessories. 
It has the following features:
  • Level Switch included
  • Brand new micro SD card & adapter, loaded with the latest support software
  • Most accessories are included
  • Printer has been tested and verified by us as working
  • We include a 19 point check sheet with every unit
  • Every unit has 48 separate tests and checks on the unit in our fully equipped workshop before release.
Additionally we have:
  • Updated the printer to the latest firmware
  • Printed a test part to ensure it is fully working
  • Calibrated the unit if necessary for a more accurate print
You do not need to purchase any additional parts to use the printer.
* See below for the grades and what they mean.
Why choose the Q5?
  • The Q5 series of printer are of the Delta design. This means they are far faster than the traditional, flatbed design of other manufacturers due to the lightweight moving parts. The Q5 can run at speeds of up to 120mm/second. Traditional designs are limited at 80mm/s for similar quality.
  • The Q5 is the perfect printer for the home user. It is 90% assembled on delivery. It has a small amount of filament included, to get you started. Just insert the included SD card, choose the Test Print file, press Print, sit back and watch the magic. Thereafter, order a 1kg spool of PLA 1.75mm filament in your chosen colour and create your chosen designs!
  • The Q5 design also offers the perfect print, specified as 200mm x 200mm and 200mmhigh
  • The Q5 has a heated print bed, for better adhesion of the parts. It is easily customisable, such as creating enclosures. It can print a broad range of materials, such as PLA, PETG, ABS etc.
  • The Q5 is also a 32 bit processor! Most have just an 8 bit motherboard.  32 bit allows for faster processing of the data, for a smoother print.
  • It has a Full Colour touchscreen, with a user friendly menu system. Most have a simple pixeled design, with a knob you rotate and press to select items.
  • The Q5 series are very user friendly out of the box, are 90% preassembled, yet will produce quality to match any other unit in this price band.

Grade A1
The printer is brand new and unused.
Grade A2
The printer is new or as new. It may show signs of having being used a few times previously. It may have some small marks on the print bed, but they will not affect the quality of the print. It will have been  tested by ourselves and will usually include a test print in the carton to show it is a working printer. The box will shows signs of having being opened and the unit being unpacked. The unit is 100% complete, and comes with all the original tools needed to assemble and use the printer.
Grade B
The printer has had some previous use, although it will usually be under 30 days old. Any faults or damage, if there were any, will have been corrected, usually with new parts being fitted. The item will have been  tested and we will make a test print. Sometimes there may be marks on the Print Bed, but they will not affect normal use. The unit will be a 100% working machine, but some accessories may be missing, such as cutters, Allen keys etc. Most households have them around the house, and there total value is usually just a few pounds. All the key accessories WILL be included, such as assembly screws, Level switches etc.
Grade C
A fully functional printer, tested by us and fully refurbished or renewed. There may be some heavier marks on the Print bed, although these should not affect the quality of the print. As with Grade B, the accessories/tools may be missing, although usually some are included.
Grade D
Details of the condition of the printer will be stated in the advertisement.

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Weight 8200 g
Dimensions 60 × 35 × 15 cm