FLsun V400


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Product information and technical data:

No. ed.: FLS-V400
No.-Manufacturer: V400
Brands (Manufacturers): FLSUN
Content: 1 pc.
Product types: 3D printer
Assembly: A set
Printing technology: FFF – FDM – LPD
Printer display: Touch – Display
Supported operating systems: Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
Extruder Type: Direct Drive Extruder
Number of extruders: Individually
Interface: WIFI – WLAN
Supported formats (Slicer): STL, OBJ, AMF
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Worktop [LxWxH]: Ø 300 x 410 mm


The Flsun V400 is an extremely user-friendly Delta 3D printer. The 3D printer is characterized by extremely high printing speeds of up to 400 mm/s! This saves you over 70% of your normal printing time while creating high quality 3D prints!

Incredible print volume

With an exceptional print size of 300 x 410 mm, you can make amazing prints in the best quality! The V400 is also suitable for large print formats!

Extremely fast printing

With a print speed of up to 400 mm/s, save up to 70% of your printing time!

Pre-installed Klipper

The printer comes pre-installed with Klipper firmware . Klipper provides a first-class printing experience and ensures high user friendliness – even via WiFi remote control!

User-friendly display

With a 7-inch LCD touch screen, which is easy to use, handling is particularly user-friendly! The screen is powered by KlipperScreen .

Compact extruder with direct drive

Many 3D printers are equipped with a Bowden extruder because it provides high print speeds and puts less strain on the moving hotend than a direct drive extruder. But Flsun has created something unique with the V400: the hotend and the extruder housing have been combined, resulting in a particularly compact and lightweight system. They will probably succeed in bringing one of the lightest and at the same time fastest direct extruders to the market!

High printing temperatures

Bi-metal heatbreak allows you to print up to 300 °C!

Superior quality thanks to double linear guides

High-quality double linear guides ensure unparalleled stability during printing. The resulting lines are smoother and more precise, which is clearly visible in the quality of the 3D print!






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Weight 26 g
Dimensions 100 × 47 × 21 cm