ADXL 345 Accelerometer For V400 printers and Speeder Pad


*** NEW Stock arrived 25/9/23 – back orders will be dispatched 26/9/23 ***

Available on back-order


*** NEW Stock arrived 25/9/23 – back orders will be dispatched 26/9/23 ***

[NOTE] – If you are upgrading to the new 600mm/s firmware on the V400 this unit is probably now essential to you

The ADXL 345 is an Accelerometer module specially produced for use with a Speeder Pad and a V400 printer

It screws directly on to the head of the printer and connects, via USB, to the Speeder Pad to measure resonances when the head is moving at the high speeds available.

Some updates are required to the Speeder Pad to enable this module (Details are in the ADXL Instructions below).

The unit enables your printer to generate opposing frequencies to the resonances to smooth out jerks at the extents of travel and enable more accurate printing at high speed. This is very similar to the way that noise cancelling headphones work and is very effective.

These are produced by FLSun and are now in stock here in the UK

*** NEW *** The unit now comes packaged in a nice presentation box (ideal for a gift) and includes full colour printed instructions for fitting and usage with a Speeder Pad – the instructions are also available from ADXL 345 INSTRUCTIONS


Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

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