SR / QQS PEI Spring Plate + Magnet


SR / QQS Removeable PEI Spring Plate – can be removed for easy cleaning.

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Steel spring PEI Lattice plate for the SR  or QQS printer. One side is PEI, the other is smooth. (The SR & QQS share the same size glass plate)

It comes with a magnetic, stick on 3M disc for attaching to the existing heat bed. Otherwise you could simply clip the plate on.

The design is thin, so as to avoid calibration issues. It is exactly the same width as the original glass plate of the printer!

SR Printer enhancement: If ordering this, why not also order a new aluminium heater bed for the printer too, and stick the 3m magnetic pad to that. That way you do not destroy your existing bed or glass plate if you later decide to go back to the original. It also means you end up with a spare heat bed, in case it ever goes faulty! See the cross sell below.

Or you could order an extra Lattice glass bed, to maintain the stiffness. Both are listed in our other items. We recommend adding the magnet onto the smooth side of the glass if you want to maintain the option to print on the lattice side sometimes.


Simply adhere a PEI to the top of the print bed, perform a one-time z-height adjustment, and begin printing. When printing is complete, simply remove the FlexPlate, flex, and pop your prints off!

What you will receive:

x1 FLsun PEI plate
x1 3m magnetic base sticker

Note: The printed logo may differ.

Additional information

Weight 575 g
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 0.3 cm